A Quick and Easy Rustic Planter

The other day I came up with an idea for a rustic planter. I had this piece of a pallet left over from my old potting bench that I didn't have any particular use for. The old pallet itself was the table potion of my previous potting bench and I cut off a piece of the pallet to make the bench a little more narrow and easier to reach across. I hate throwing things away (my wife hates that I hate throwing things away, but that's another story) and I came up with the planter. Part of this piece had ends of 2"x4"s sticking out and I planted them in the ground like little posts with the smooth side up (smooth is a relative term here) then filled it with soil.

When the weather cools enough I'll plant some pansies or other cool season flowers inside. I'll shy away from edibles since I have no way of knowing where that pallet has been. I stained it for use in the potting bench and don't particularly like the thought of consuming chemicals. You could make quite a few of these from one pallet to add to your garden as border planters. You could even paint them to fit whatever look you like. How's that for a new use for an old piece of junk?

How have you reused old lumber lately?

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