Rocky Borders

From my rock haul the other day I managed to finish edging a couple locations in our yard and get a pretty good start on some others. I love using the rocks for my garden borders. Rocks look natural (because they are), they define the garden beds (because they create an edge), and the weed wacker can be used right up against them to make some very clean edges (because I can!) without risking harming the plants .

One of the first locations I put the rocks in was the front sidewalk garden. That bed was completely without a border before and now has an edge all along the side with the grass.

I replaced a few of the original rocks I used in the front garden with different ones that I think have more character. The one on the left is my favorite. It has a nice round shape that will look very cool once the phlox grows in all around it. The one in the upper right has a round flat top that hangs over the rock next to it and the one in the bottom right I like because of it's thickness and consistency. It almost looks like a retaining wall block.

The self-seeding garden also got the stone border treatment, at least on the backside where it joins up with the border garden. I really like having rocks that are large enough to sit on spaced every now and then in the border. It adds a convenient seat for anyone walking by who might want to stop and enjoy a particular angle of the garden. It also makes for a great spot to sit and weed the garden.

With these rocks I edged the entire length of the border garden except for about 5-7 feet. I'll have to go on another rock hunt soon to finish it all up.

I still have a couple other uses for all that rock to show you. Stay tuned for more rock gardening!