One Way to Protect a Small Plant from Rabbits

In our newly formed back garden areas I've planted several things that are virtually rabbit proof. Things like caryopteris and Russian sage are perfect plantings here since the rabbits just don't like them. But what do you do if you want to plant something that the rabbits believe is a deliriously delicious and divine delicacy for dinner? You have to find a way to protect it, disguise it, hide it or just not plant it. Usually the plants that are rabbit munchies I hide among the less tasty plants but recently I planted two crape myrtles that I grew from cuttings. They are small plants but have adequate root systems to grow in the garden on their own. Eventually these two plants will form an arc over a passage to what will one day be the back shade garden. While the rabbits may never even see or smell these two plants I'm not going to play a game of chance when it comes to my crape myrtles.

In an attempt to shield the new planted trees I took two nursery pots and cut out the bottoms to form a plastic sheath that will fit gently around the trees. Then I speared dried willow branches into the ground on the insides of the pots to hold the pots in place. The crape myrtles will grow up and through the holes while they remain hidden for now from the rabbits.

Will it work? Hopefully but there is a good chance the rabbits will manage to find them. The only thing I've found that keeps rabbits out 100% is a wrap made several feet high (2-3) made from plastic or metal mesh. If I can manage to get the first 3 trunks of the crape myrtle above rabbit height then they are welcome to nibble on the suckers. Then they'll be doing me a favor!

After 3 days in the ground both Crape Myrtles are untouched!

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