The Birdbath Garden August Expansion

August isn't really the best time to expand a garden. It's hot, not much water, and usually the nurseries don't have a whole lot of nice plants to choose from since they are waiting on the fall stock to arrive. Even though I wouldn't recommend buying and planting plants right now if you promise the plants that you will water them when needed and won't be leaving them for any extended lengths of time then they may allow you to plant them. Such is the case with my new friend 'Diablo' (Physocarpus opulifolius). Diablo is a ninebark and a pretty neat one at that! Ninebark is native to North American and has white flowers in the summer.  Because I purchased this ninebark impulsively (I've wanted one for a while and just found a nursery nearby that sold them) I spent a few days figuring out where to put it. I finally found a spot on one side of the birdbath garden that I could expand where I paired it up with a couple 'Powis Castle' Artemisias I propagated from cuttings. The silver and purple look is one I really enjoy! They're little now but they will grow fast!

I also settled on a spot for yet another big rock as a low bench. What do you think about planting plants in the heat of summer?

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