And the Rock is...

Quite a few people chimed in to offer their opinion as to what our naturally formed rock sculpture looks like. There were a range of responses from prehistoric and mythic reptiles to fuzzy and furry creatures of the woodlands and prairies. What I learned is that identifying what a rock resembles is a lot like naming the clouds, every one sees them differently. Let's take a look at the responses before I tell you what I thought it looked like!

Gardenbre and Shady Gardener both considered a Hippopotamus as a likely option. You definitely don't see many hippo sculptures in the garden.

Helen said it resembled a cross between a prairie dog and Godzilla. I don't even want to know how that union came to pass! A lesser known relation to Godzilla, Rockzilla was also known to bring down the neighborhood according to Bonnie.

TC warned not to let the groundhog near my garden, too late! We already have a groundhog we named Murray who hangs out on the hill. So far he's living off the brush and the rotten tomatoes that get thrown his way. Could it be related to the Rock Chuck that Heather suggested? Very possibly...

Nancy considered a beaver and a bear while Darla suggested an animal on its hind legs. I suppose I could get a nice flat rock to stick out behind this rock for a beaver tail.

Wiseacre suggested it resembled a bottle opener...hmm that would make it useful wouldn't it?

A whole bunch of people including Trina (Gardenmom via Twitter), Shady Gardener, Donna, Kylee, and Frances all thought it resembled a dinosaur! They would be in perfect agreement with my wife who said to me after I asked her what she thought it was "I don't know. A dragon, or a dinosaur?" I guess I found my dragon! I'll have to get my Dragon's Blood Sedum planted over here if that's the case. Maybe even a little toy knight to stab it in the side!

What did I think it was?

A penguin of course! The little guy is holding his flippers (wings) in front while praying, it's "The Praying Penguin!" Can you see it?