9 Things That Weeds Do

While I didn't intend to talk about weeds today I was out weeding the vegetable garden last night and had some thoughts on the weeds that I thought I would share. Worst Weed Wednesday was last week but with weeds there is always more to say so here are 5 things weeds do!

  1. Crowd out plants
  2. Propagate like crazy through runners and seeds. If there is open ground weeds will be found!
  3. Are just plain annoying.
  4. Block the sunlight from reaching the vegetables and ornamentals.  
  5. Suck the moisture away from the vegetables and ornamental plants.
  6. Sap the nutrients from the soil making them unavailable for the "good guys".
  7. Are always where you don't want them. But then again, if you wanted them they wouldn't be weeds.
  8. Can take over large areas in a very short time. They grow fast and few barriers can really stop them.
  9. Have the annoying habit of working their way into places you can't reach.  

And if you want my personal opinion, piece the italicized words together to make a sentence!