5 More Easy Plants to Propagate!

Last year I wrote a post called 10 Easy Plants to Propagate for Your Home Garden. Picking only 10 is a challenge when there are so many out there that the average home gardener can have fun with so here are six more that I've found to be easy to propagate in my garden.

Caryopteris - I have several of the 'Longwood Blue' variety of caryopteris that I've made from cuttings. One of my goals is to have a shrub row of caryopteris blooming in the fall but I didn't want to spend too much money on it so I tried propagating caryopteris. If you do everything right you can get an almost 100% success rate.

Catmint - I now have three varieties of catmint in the garden and each of them will propagate from cuttings very easily.

Coleus - This annual is a great first plant to propagate! Just take a two leaf stem cutting and put it in some water. A week later you can pot it up! Easy!

Sweet Potato Vine - This one is a piece of cake! If you look along the vine you might see little root nubs already forming which will grow into larger roots in water or in soil.

Verbena - I haven't met a verbena yet that won't grow roots in glass of water. Soil will work fine too but sometimes it's neat to see the roots form! No rooting hormone is necessary.

I will warn you, once you've caught the plant propagation bug, you might not be able to get rid of it!