The Ugliest Tomato Contest - My Entry

While there may be no official contest going I'm entering a very special tomato for the ugliest tomato of 2009. I remember Carol last year challenged folks to find a tomato uglier than one she had.  If I had managed to grow this monstrosity last year I might have beaten hers for I have never seen one such as this!

Are you ready for a look?

It's pretty ugly,

And now it gets even uglier...the bugs have visited!

You can almost see where the stem was attached. The tomato has folded around the stem turning this lycopene filled delight into one ugly mater!

If you think you have an uglier tomato than I do feel free to post about it and we can compare! The only rule for making a fair ugly tomato contest is that it must be one single tomato and not several that have merged together. 

And don't forget to check in for Tina's Veggie Garden Update. If this post was too ugly for you take a look at yesterday's tomato harvest post and you'll see that most of my tomatoes look very nice!

If you don't blog and have a really ugly tomato take a picture and send it in! I'll pop it up in a post and you can be proud of your ugly tomato growing abilities!

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