S is for Sedum!

It's amazing to see how plants grow. You look back at pictures taken in previous years and see a drastic difference between then and now. Take my sedum garden for instance. When it started there were only a few plants in the area between our driveway and the front sidewalk. A 'Blue Spruce' sedum that we had in a pot was divided into two plants initially and several others were added like 'Dragon's Blood', 'Autumn Joy', and one other unidentified sedum.

As the garden grew and weeding was done pieces of sedum broke away from the main plants and were stuck where ever open space was to be found. No plan was put together for the sedum garden other than the general theme. Things grew, some faster than others, especially the 'Blue Spruce' sedum.

'Blue Spruce' has taken off and is in full bloom right now. The worst thing about its current blooming state is the open spots in the middle of the plant that form when the weight of the blossoms cause the branches to fall toward the ground. It almost looks like a cat decided to lay in the bed of yellow. The bees are in love with this plant! When the blooms fade the sedum will regrow back up through the center of the plant and replenish itself, become larger and larger. 'Blue Spruce' sedum is extremely easy to propagate by using either a stem stuck into the ground or stripping the leaves and rooting them in a pot of soil or on a damp paper towel.

In this case the "S" stands for super-sedum!

Sedum 'Blue Spruce'
Full Sun
Zones 4-9
Succulent, Extremely drought tolerant!

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