The Adventures of Skip the Skipper for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

Welcome to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day and the adventures of Skip the Skipper. Skip is a butterfly called a skipper, and a happy one at that. He spends his time skipping from flower to flower happily grazing upon the pollen he finds. Let's see what Skip the Skipper has found today!

I found our little friend resting upon a volunteer zinnia next to our driveway. The seed was most likely dropped there when I was on my way to the self-seeding garden earlier in the year to plant zinnias.

Soon after the zinnia I lost sight of Skip and had to search around the garden to find him.

He wasn't among the liriope which was just starting to bloom.

He wasn't on the nearby daylilies or the hollyhocks either.

Ah there he is! On the lavender flowers of the Russian sage in the front garden!

He skipped over to the butterfly bush after the Russian sage which is just down and across the sidewalk from the Russian sage.

And then he was off! I followed him to the salvia next in the front porch garden where I had just put in some new stone borders. I'll show those off another time for we must resume the chase!

Skip danced over to the self seeding garden beside the arbor. There are so many places here he could hide!

But look here he is in the zinnias again!

Soon after the zinnias he scampered over to the hostas to play hide and seek, can you see him?

Maybe we need to look closer?
There he is! On the left.

I followed Skip around the front yard and found him on quite a few flowers. Then he went to the backyard!

Disclaimer: The role of Skip the Skipper was actually played by multiple actors as according to guild rules.

I have more in bloom that I can't fit into this post. Be sure to come back soon and check out those blooms!

Also please join me for Worst Weed Wednesday on July 29th!