Why I Didn't Remodel Our Front Porch

The truth is I never even considered remodeling our front porch for the Better Homes & Gardens 48 Hour Challenge but if I had considered it I did have some incentive not to. The two front runners in the challenge (Making it Lovely and This Young House) had some nifty ideas that they used in their porch remodels and some of those elements could easily be adapted to most porches either singly or altogether but I'd rather leave ours as is, at least for now.

Here is why:

It's where I keep my newly rooted cuttings! I know I could come up with a nicer way to display them than with an old coffee table, old TV stand, and a plastic box. I could have even picked up a little for the photo since I have old milk jugs that I use for watering laying around. In a busy world staging isn't always possible!  I would like to design a nice shelf system to help blend them in with the front porch. I'll save that for another day since I'm already way to busy to do everything I need to do!

My front porch is great for the cuttings since the above photographed end gets morning sun and afternoon shade. In the late evening the sun beams down for a little while then fades behind the hillside to relieve our front porch of its heat. I have most of the potted plants resting in larger shallow containers so that I can bottom water. Bottom watering cuttings is extremely effective since it encourages roots to dig down deep to the bottom of the pot. Deeper roots mean a better quality plant since they can more easily get to ground water once planted in the garden. 

Aside from being a great place for cuttings to sit it's already a pretty nice place for the family to hang out. The country style rocking chairs are an essential if you have a front porch in the south.

So I chose to build an arbor to add charm and character to our front yard as well as frame the side garden. Right now my project is way behind the front runners in the voting but I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. The arbor is something that will change over time as the plants grow and fade while front porches will only evolve as the accessories do. Feel free to check out the Arbor project or any of the other projects at BHG.com.