The White Pigeon

Today I had an odd thing happen. I was working in the garage when all of a sudden something slammed into the wall above the garage door. How a bird could mistake a wall for open air I don't really know. Of course many birds aren't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed. After all where else would the expression "bird brained" originate? So I walked over to investigate to see the first pigeon visit to our property.

OK so what's so unusual about a pigeon? We can see them everyday under highway overpasses and in large cities pretty much anywhere you look the aren't really anything unusual but this one was sporting something interesting.

Just look at his legs and you will see a fine piece of jewelry adorning his ankle. This particular pigeon was tagged by someone this year for the purposes of tracking his movements and migrations. At least I assume that's the case. I attempted to catch the pigeon multiple times so I could get a better look at that tag around his ankle but I only go a hold of him once. I held him very loosely because I didn't want to hurt him accidentally and he broke free and flew to freedom. The only bits of information I was able to gather on this pigeon were the numbers 4326 and the year 2009. There were more numbers on the tag but I never really got a good look.

This bird managed to find himself in my garage at least twice, danced on the top of my car, left a present on the car, and ran through the front garden. He was a busy bird, of course he was being chased by a gardener intent on looking at his feet, you'd run too wouldn't you?

In the end the bird flew off into the trees but he left me wondering where is he going and where did he come from?