How to Use a Garden Blog

Obviously if you are reading this post you have discovered the world of garden blogging, but do you know how it can help you in your garden? Do you know how to best utilize garden blogs for your benefit? I have a tip that may give you a few ideas, but first let's look at what garden blogging is about. There are garden blogs from all over our country and the world where each individual gardener discusses what is most important to him or her. There are garden blogs that discuss ideas from designing a landscape to vegetable gardening to propagating plants. There are blogs who rant about issues, some that are authored by groups of talented gardeners, and at least one about gardening naked (relax, it's just a metaphor!). Some blogs document garden transformations while others are about botanical gardens or are photo blogs with spectacular images to drool over (don't do that too much, computers and drool don't mix).
I'm sure you can see that garden blogs can be a great source for inspiration and ideas. When you look at a garden blogger's blog and what they have planted in their garden you can immediately see how the gardener has utilized those plants. What combinations worked and what didn't, or just as importantly what plants you like and what you don't.

So how exactly should you use a garden blog? While there is no set of rules for using garden blogs here are a few ideas.
Now you have some ideas on how to use garden blogs, but what garden blogs should you use? A good place to start is my sidebar where I have a list of all kinds of bloggers from Tennessee and beyond. Your options are limitless! But if you want a few specific places in Tennessee to go to try these:

Fairegarden with Frances for Monet-like pictures of her hillside garden.
Clay and Limestone for Gail's philosophical garden musings.
In the Garden for Tina's great gardening tips.
Turning Toward the Sun for Gloria Ballard's (The Tennessean garden writer) garden thoughts.

There are way too many great blogs out there to list them all but if you go out exploring the garden blog world you are bound to find someone who will have just the right garden talk to match your interests. Hopefully you're looking at it right now!