Anticipating the Vegetables

I just can't wait. Pretty soon the tomatoes will be ripening and we'll be pulling them from the vine as fast as we can. Unfortunately the hard part of gardening is learning patience for we still have to wait. It takes time for things to grow and mature and you have to grow to appreciate the process from seed to table. Once those vegetables come in from the garden for dinner you realize that the wait was most definitely worth it. Too bad it took so long!

While we are anticipating the harvest let's take a look and see what new vegetables are coming up!

The cayenne peppers are beginning to form. We used them in a salsa and in several stir fries. One important note when handling cayenne peppers, the insides can burn your skin!  Wear gloves if you have them or be very careful when dicing.  I've also used the Cayenne pepper to make a deer repellent that seems to work fairly well. It just needs reapplied after rains.

The yellow pear tomatoes are forming their characteristic shape. Pretty soon they will turn yellow and live up to their name.  These are new to use this year and are one of many varieties of heirloom tomatoes you could choose from. My plan is to save the seeds this year to save on my seed budget in the future.

And I have one more star in the garden to show you, my 'Moon and Stars' watermelon!  It's small now but you can see the stars beginning to appear on the green backdrop of a watermelon sky. 

Learning patience is a hard lesson!

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