Ponytail Grass (Nassella tenuissima, Stipa tenuissima)

Ornamental grasses are definitely something special to add to the landscape and ponytail grass (Nassella tenuissima) is definitely a neat one to add. It goes by several common names like Mexican Feather Grass, Silky Thread Grass, and the aforementioned pony tail grass. It's a beautiful grass planted next to hardscape areas especially around rocks. Recently I revamped my parents fence garden using some plants I purchased for Mother's Day as well as some that were preexisting in their landscape. The feather grass was one that they purchased last year but didn't have a location for it. They overwintered it in the garden until I moved it for them into the newly remodeled garden (I'll show you tomorrow)!  When it's backlit by the sunlight it looks fantastic. It billows in the wind adding motion to the landscape.

Ponytail grass is hardy to zone 7 but I can tell you that it will should do fine in zone 6 gardens. It overwintered fine with an extra cold winter this year and you can see how it looks now. There is one small warning to take note of; it reseeds readily! The seedlings should be easy to pick out of your garden if you don't want them, but if you do you'll have a gorgeous grass to gaze upon! I liked the look of the ponytail grass so much that I bought four of them today for my garden, now where should they go?