Middle Tennessee Plant Swap 2009

This Saturday is the Middle Tennessee Plant Swap at Henry Horton Park. This is a fantastic opportunity to talk to other gardeners and exchange those extra plants you don't need for some you do! If you haven't already gotten your plants ready you should do that ASAP to give them time to recover from any potential plant shock. Exchanges aren't limited just to plants.  If you have a craft and want to swap for plants you might be in luck as people will swap for all kinds of garden related items.

There is always a guest speaker and this year it is Curt and Tina Wideman who run the Morning Glory Orchard in Nolensville.

Before you go check out the Middle Tennessee Plant Swap Website to get all the details and complete your registration. You need to register so that the Volunteer administration has some idea how many folks are coming. You also need to bring a really tasty dish for me to eat everyone to share. So go outside right now, gather up your daylilies and extra tomato plants, and get yourself to Henry Horton Park on Saturday, I'll see you there!

On a personal note: If anyone out there happens to have any extra Panicum virgatum (Switch Grass) let me know!