An Inexpensive Homemade Tomato Cage

Here is an inexpensive little project I'm working on that hopefully will work to hold a tomato plant. This homemade tomato cage is made from the pliable branches of a sycamore tree my neighbor limbed up. I offered to take the branches to dump in a pit in the backyard and mentioned I might use a few of the branches for cages. The cage itself isn't complete since I still have two more branches to add that will cross from corner to corner.  Once I put those on I'll tie them at the center point and at each corner. I may add one more branch vertically along the stem of the tomato plant as a stake then attach it to the others. Afterward I'll just add a few more branches along the outsides as needed to hold in that feisty tomato plant!

Total cost of this project was $0 and it only took a few minutes to put it together.  If it works it's well worth the effort!

As you can see the tomato plant is growing strong and healthy among the garlic. Garlic is a good companion crop for tomatoes. It seems that when choosing companion planting combinations what you can eat together on a plate (basil, garlic and tomatoes) usually does well together in the garden!

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