The Hummingbirds and The Arbor

It seems that we are not the only one's enjoying the arbor. I'm sure if the hummingbirds knew how to operate a computer they would be online voting everyday until June 12th for the project with the nifty native honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens) climbing up the side.

The hummingbirds are probably thinking "Those other projects are nice, but there isn't anything yummy to eat, vote for Dave!" OK I took some liberties (who knows what goes through the mind of a hummingbird), but if you compare projects this is the only one that incorporates natural elements and mixes it with human structures. Is this important? Perhaps if you believe in the harmonious balance of nature and mankind.

One of my goals in my garden is to add elements that wildlife would find attractive. Though animals may be vexing at times (i.e. deer and rabbits) there is a certain awe and majesty in them that we as gardeners must appreciate. I think in many ways gardeners are charged with creating a balance between both worlds, the natural and the man-made. This arbor was built to eventually blend in with the landscape. You can't see it yet, not every element is growing, which obviously puts me at a competitive disadvantage to the fine front porches, but the potential is starting to sprout. Just this week zinnias and cosmos began to erupt from their seeds offering the promise colors to come. Dianthus and salvia are planted now and the self seeding garden is slowly taking form next to the arbor.

Behind the arbor the shade garden is blossoming with foliage although no flowers yet. Astilbe blooms are coming soon along with the heuchera and hostas that the hummingbirds will also enjoy, but for now we have the foliage. This project has really been a blessing for our garden. It dressed up the house and brought all sorts of new ideas to our garden.

Thank you to eveyone who has voted so far and please continue to do so until the end! I'd also like to welcome anyone to the The Home Garden who came from The Advertiser News, please come into the garden and take a look around!

Make sure you visit tomorrow for something really neat!

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