Wind chimes for Whimsy

There are very few gardens I know of that don't have some sort of wind chime.  Wind chimes add an extra audio element to the garden as well as a touch of whimsy.  There is quite a variety of wind chimes to choose from out there and it all depends on what you like.  Recently sent me three bamboo wind chimes to test and review.  Each wind chime is different in very unique ways.

The first one I examined was the whisper pattern 16 inch wind chime.  The bamboo chimes are carved with a unique pattern and the tone sounds deep, rich, and resonant. Of the three wind chimes I tested I enjoyed the sound from this one the most.

The second wind chime was decorated with an elaborate cardinal.  This was my daughter's favorite.  When she first saw it she said "The Steelers beat the Cardinals!" (I'm raising her right!) The cardinal is hand painted and if you don't like cardinals they have several other types of bird wind chimes. The tone was in the middle range of the three tested. 

The third wind chime, and my favorite of the three, was a bobbing head wind chime in the shape of a crane or heron. This wind chime is unique in its simple yet clever design.  As the wind blows it moves a small tail that pulls a rod attached to the bird's head.
The bird's head then moves up and down and follows the breeze. It's very nifty as it is something you can listen to and watch. It doesn't seem to make as much sound as the others since there are only three chimes but its bobbing head makes up for it!

All three of these wind chimes are made from bamboo which makes a softer more subtle sound than a metallic wind chime and is perfect for any tranquil garden setting. I was outside trimming on the rosemary bushes in the front of our house and listening to the chimes in the breeze.  It made a for a pleasant experience. I was most impressed with the workmanship on the bobbing head crane wind chime. The rope was attached in a way designed to appear like the bird's feet and legs.

Each chime includes the care instructions necessary to keep your wind chime looking good throughout the seasons. They recommend to keep the wind chime out of any direct afternoon sun and to wash it occaissionally with mild soap and water. Anything outside weathers over time and they recommend to add a coat of varnish to the bamboo to keep it looking its best each year.

If you're considering a new wind chime to add some whimsy from the wind you should give a try. They have some unique designs.  Which one works best for you depends on what you like.  If you want a deep, rich, and resonant sound find one with longer chimes.  If you want something as a novelty to add whimsy to your garden check out the bobbing head wind chimes. And if you like the Cardinals, they have one just for you!