I've Been Challenged!

I'm always excited for a new challenge to accomplish in the garden and recently I was invited to participate in Better Homes and Gardens 48-hour Blog Challenge.  Together BHG.com and The Home Depot are proposing a very interesting event that is sure to be fun for me and hopefully for you as well.  Here's the deal.  They have given me $500 to complete an outdoor project using products from The Home Depot.  I was given a wide range of ideas to select as potential projects and ultimately how it turns out is up to me. The key is the project must be able to be accomplished in 48 hours and under $500. I'll be keeping the project a bit of secret for a few days and will reveal bits and pieces of it throughout the process.  You can also follow me over at the Better Homes and Gardens website and take a look at the competition. In the end you'll be the deciding factor as to whose project is the favorite, you get to vote!  I think that you'll see that my project is a great one.  One that hopefully, with your help, can win the challenge.

What would you do in your garden with $500 in only 48 hours?

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