The Arbor Materials

We did our shopping trip at The Home Depot recently in preparation for the construction of our new arbor for the 48 Hour Blog Challenge. Today I thought I'd tell you a few of the materials that are being used.

Pressure treated pine lumber of varying dimensions, natural cedar stain, screws, two solar lights, 16" retaining wall stone, retaining wall cap stones, black chain, and eye hooks. Those are just the building materials. The plant list will be coming soon! 

We are using 4"x4"s for the main posts, 2"x8"s for the front and back cross beams, and a mixture of 2"x4"s, 2"x2"s, 1"x2"s for a variety of other uses. The retaining wall stone will help create some borders and will blend the various gardens together (front garden, self sowing garden, corner shade garden) to create the side corridor garden. We will be using the cap stones as stepping stones to draw the eyes down the pathway and into the corridor. I also have some nifty ideas regarding the eye hooks and chains I think you'll enjoy.

Once the project is complete I'll give you a few sneak peaks at our work before the official post goes up on Friday April 24th. I won't reveal the overall project until that post goes live, just some tasty tidbits to whet your appetite.  Then you will get to vote for your favorite garden guy in the 48 Hour Blog Challenge. Oh wait! I think I'm the only one.  Now it's time to get busy, really busy!