Vegetable Garden Update Part 2

Today was another good work day in the vegetable garden. I managed to get all the mulch laid on the pathways and even added a few stepping stones in one section. I'll add a few more every now and then and eventually I'll have them around the whole garden. As I was working around the garden putting the mulch down I realized that the outside edges are not quite wide enough to conveniently maneuver the wheelbarrow. Fortunately the permanent fence isn't built yet and I can widen the outside paths as necessary.  Here's a before and after look at the vegetable garden.  The first picture is the garden without mulch.  The second is with mulch. I'll try to get some more pictures of the garden from the ground soon.

Pathways are important in gardens to avoid compaction in the growing areas. Compacted soil is harder for roots to penetrate which isn't good for plants. Eventually I'd like to add in some steppable ground covers like elfin thyme to cover the pathways interspersed with the stepping stones.  

What's left to do?
There's still plenty of work ahead! Isn't that always true?

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