Vegetable Garden Update Part 1

Friday afternoon and evening I was in the yard and garden vigorously hauling compost from truck to the raised beds. Fortunately one yard of compost was all that was necessary to complete the filling of the beds.   Saturday's task will be mulch: mulch for the garden paths and for various other locations around the yard. I can't wait to see the mulch pathways rather than the exposed dirt that is there now. You can compare this overhead shot to our vegetable garden layout.

Here's a breakdown of the raised beds:
2 - 8'x4' Beds (32 square feet each)
2 - 6'x4' Beds (24 square feet each)
4 - 3'x4' Beds (12 square feet each)
4 - 2'x4' Beds (8 square feet each)

The total square footage of the raised beds comes to 192 square feet not including the two 6'x10' beds that will be normal inground beds. Those two beds would bring the total up to 312 square feet. This may seem small compared to many gardens but one of the advantages to using raised beds is that you can grow more produce in a smaller amount of space. This garden will provide us with more than enough food throughout the growing season.

I'll update you on the next part of the vegetable garden in my next post!

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