Starting Tomatoes and Peppers

On Friday my daughter and I planted another set of seeds.  These were all for the vegetable garden and they were all even in the same family, nightshade.  We planted a several varieties of tomatoes and peppers in our peat pot system.  We're still waiting on a few more seeds to come in through the mail.  April 15 is the normal last frost date here in TN and we're starting these seedlings about 6 weeks early.  The squash, cucumbers, and other vegetables I plant directly in the ground while I start the tomatoes and peppers early and should be ready to go in ground right around mid April. 

Here's what we started:

Tomato Varieties
Pepper Varieties
Yellow Pear (heirloom) NIMG Ornamental Peppers NIMG
Brandywine (heirloom) VYCalifornia Wonder Y
Better Boy YCardinal Hybrid VY
Supersweet 100 VYBig Dipper Y
Beefmaster YCayenne Y, also HOT
Roma VFN Y
Viva Italia Roma VY
Big Boy Hybrid VY

Codes: NIMG - New in my garden, VY - Very Yummy, Y - Yummy, No other code is necessary as anything less than yummy doesn't deserve to be planted!

I'll tell you about the other seeds as they arrive!