A New Gardening Project

As you can tell I love gardening.  There's nothing more satisfying than going out on a nice day to dig in the dirt, transplant plants, pick tomatoes, or propagate plants.  That's why when our local garden club took on a new project I was excited to offer my help.  I was tempted to volunteer as the coordinator for this effort but since I'm a relatively new member of the garden club I decided I should wait and see if someone else wanted to become the coordinator.  I waited and someone volunteered.  I went up afterward and offered to help however I could since I believe this project is a very worthwhile endeavor.  A week or so later an email from our club president was asking for someone else to take over since the original volunteer had to step aside. I sent an email offering to help and here I am now working on the project.  OK so now you're probably wondering what the project is all about.

We all know the current state of our economy.  People have lost jobs and are continuing to lose jobs in all areas of the country. It affects us all to some extent even if you are still employed.  This project will help a few of these people.  In our area there is a group that cooks meals and provides food for families in need called The Well.  The volunteers are anticipating that there will be a sharp spike in the numbers of people who need help this year and decided to create a garden to help supplement the meals.  The garden isn't going to replace the canned food they use or completely sustain their activities but it should reduce their expenses over time and increase the fresh produce that they can provide the people they are caring for. This year will be be trial run for the new garden and will grow with its success. 

They are beginning with a 50'x50' plot of land and are planning on simple, easy to grow, and bountiful plants to help with their mission.  What is my role in all this?  To help with advice, planning, and ideas.  I'm really looking forward to it but it will be a challenge.  The funds for this project are limited and while various people have donated supplies and time to the garden project there will have to be things left out.  I'll detail the process on the blog mixed in with my own gardening endeavors.  I hope that in these tough economic times we don't sit around waiting for the government to help our communities when we have hands, heads, and hearts that can do the work much better.