March Blooming in Tennessee

Welcome to Tennessee where spring comes early, leaves again, comes back, leaves again and repeats that process until April! Somewhere along the way to springtime we are blessed with a bounty of blooms that brighten moods while the long awaited anticipation of the gardening season is almost at it's end. What blooms in March in Tennessee?



Dandelions! You know it's spring when the dandelions are here.

Bradford Pears. I'm not proud of them but I've got 'em! The other day I was clearing out some dead growth on the mums when my daughter looked up to me and said "daddy you're stinky." I looked at the tree we were working around and just had to laugh and say "nope, those are the Bradford Pears you're smelling!" They're pretty but they smell awful, like rotting fish. Very stinky.

Maples (Acer rubrum).  The maple trees are putting on flowers. They don't have the showiest flowers in the spring but when a maple tree is covered with these blooms they truely give the maple a red hue.

And of course what spring in Tennessee would be complete without our favorite spring flowering lawn weed...henbit!

Thank you for visiting Tennessee in March! Go visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see other March blooms.

Bloomers not appearing in this post will be featured at the blogger's earliest convenience. Forsythia and Yoshino Cherry Blossoms will be coming soon to a blog near you!