Bluebirds and the Garden in the Snow

Today was a snow day. The kind of day that happens here in Tennessee on occasion where 6-8 inches of snow fall upon us and whiten up the landscape for a few hours. It melts fast which is good for those who need to travel but unfortunately not for those who attend school!

This little bluebird was the first to greet us this morning from the gutter on our garage.

He glanced up at the photographer taking the picture as if to wonder what all the fuss was about.

He seems to be saying "What's so interesting about me?"

The daffodils appear stunned at the turn of events. Here they are, ready to bloom, yet they are mostly buried beneath the snow. They should be fine as the snow will melt away, leaving behind only the daffodil and this picture as evidence of its passing.

The arborvitae is nearly unrecognizable beneath the weight of the snow.
The hollies in the front look very festive with the white top dressing. It almost feels like Christmas!
The Mediterranean White Heath is truly white this day.

The rosemary in the front garden can't help but bow down to the superior force of Mother Nature. If this snow was going to last I would brush it off of the rosemary to keep the branches from breaking. This isn't necessary since the snow left by this afternoon.
It's a garden under snow, incomplete, but still a garden. Progress has been made toward the realization of the new layout but completion is a few days away. Maybe this week with temperatures predicted to be in the 50's and 60's work can resume. At least snow won't be a factor!

Snow is a pleasant experience for us down here in the south most of the time. This is probably the one last breath of Old Man Winter for us here in TN. I say probably because you never know how the weather will change but soon temperatures will be rising and we'll be spending time taking pictures of plants and not pictures of snow!

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