This Weekend Rocked!

It was a pretty good weekend for me. You might even say it rocked! Of course that's partly a play one words, can you guess why?

Maybe I went to a concert.

Nope. Once our kids came around exciting rock concerts were out of the picture. Not that I really mind I never was much for partying.

Maybe I went rock climbing?

Nope. I like my neck completely unbroken just fine thank you!

I went rock hunting!

On my in-law's property is a wealth of rocks that I like to gather from every now and then for use in the garden. As the temperatures rise and fall heaving occurs and expels new rocks from the ground each year. The property is all clay and limestone very similar to another garden blogger's garden that we know!

In the first picture is a small mound of limestone rocks next to an old stump. I bring the limestone rocks home to make borders around our garden beds. We are slowly covering each area with rock borders to give a more formalized appearance. The rocks help to define where the garden begins and the grass ends.

These rocks are more of a sandstone. I don't bring these home with us since my other-in-law prefers these rocks to use for her borders. I gathered up any rocks I found and sorted them as I collected them into the two piles. The rock in the front of the picture is about 9-12 inches high. These are not small rocks, nor are they light! Of course they are much smaller that the last two rocks I pulled from the ground.

Winter time is the best time to collect the rocks since the foliage in the trees is bare and the perennials have died back making walking through the woods fairly easy, especially with a wheelbarrow.

As for the other thing that rocked this weekend:


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