I'll Have a Moss on the Rocks

What's not to like about moss? It's green, soft, fuzzy, grows well in shade, and is as resilient as they come! While gathering rocks over the weekend I stumbled upon (not literally) loads of mossy cover rocks.  This little ground covering plant attaches itself and needs no soil.  It gathers its nutrients from the air and requires good moisture to survive. As I've noticed in our own yard they will dry out through the summer and come back with a vengeance when wet weather returns.  Perhaps vengeance isn't the right word here.  Moss has a subtle calmness that surrounds it lending it a very important role as a ground cover in Japanese gardens. 

I wrote last year about moss in the yard and garden but it's a subject worth revisiting. Too many people view it as a weed and don't appreciate its potential value in the landscape. This weekend we brought home a small round rock completely covered in moss to add to the shade garden.  I'm considering cultivating more to place at the base of a Japanese maple I bought in the fall as we have a large crop of moss in the backyard just waiting for cultivation. 

For more mossy information take a look at Frances' post Moss Magic

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