A Garden Blogger Seed Swap

I had an idea a while back that needed a little more refining before I posted on it: A Seed Swap! At first I thought I would just offer a couple types of seed to trade among anyone who follows this blog but then I thought a little bigger. I thought "What if a bunch of garden bloggers hosted their own seed swap posts?" This might be a great way for garden bloggers and readers to get to know each other better and save money on seeds at the same time.  There are all kinds of seed and plant swap sites out there and this wouldn't really compete with any of them but it might be fun for us bloggers and our readers.

Here's how it would work:

Before I start this I would like at least 5 participants who are willing to join in the seed swap.  If you would like to participate in my proposal just post here saying you'll hop in for the Garden Blogger Seed Swap 2009.  Also if you have any suggestions or concerns feel free to offer them!

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