Bradford Pears Breaking Buds

I bet when you read the first three words "Bradford Pears breaking" you immediately though of another kind of breaking. One of the reasons they are on my least favorite ornamental tree list is because the trees frequently break in storms. These trees grow so fast that the wood suffers and they just can't muster the strength to hold out through heavy winds. That being said they can be very attractive, to the point of everyone having two in their front yard as they do in our neighborhood! The builders went crazy with the cheap, easy to plant, fast growing pear trees. If only they knew what they were doing!

These trees are even becoming invasive here in Tennessee. But they sure are pretty, so let's plant them anyway. And they stink too, let's plant more! When in bloom their blossoms reek of a rotting flesh smell that seems very attractive to the bees. At least someone enjoys them.

If you can enjoy one from a distance please do, just don't get too close, stand downwind, or plant one in your neck of the woods!

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