Russian Ghost of Summer's Past

I was outside on Tuesday afternoon walking around the yard while a thirty minute window in the clouds opened to allow the sun to shine down. It was a short respite from the rainy weather but this time of year any respite is a good respite. While walking about I was struck by how white the stalks of the Russian sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia) were. They were ghosts of their former selves but not unattractive. Wispy multi-branched stems rest in front of the hollies in the front porch garden and along the front sidewalk garden patiently waiting for the growing season to begin.

I have never considered them as plants for winter interest but perhaps I should.  The pale ghostly white shade of the branches would be very unique planted next to the bright red of a red twig dogwood. They will need a pruning before they start growing but for now I'm enjoying my garden ghosts.  I may have to try and see a how a few more propagated Russian sages would look like in the Winter Garden.  Their summer color is fantastic and I'm always looking for a good excuse to propagate a few more!