One Year Ago I Was...

...digging the rain garden. I looked back at the January 12, 2008 post to see what I wrote about one year ago. During that week I was heavily entrenched (forgive the pun) in digging the rain garden. Today I'm very pleased with how well it functions. This January we've had at least 3 inches of rain so far, possibly more, and the rain garden has absorbed 100% of the rainfall. It will easily handle 2 inches of rain every 24 hours. The plantings need more work. I wasn't happy with the zinnias I put there. They looked great but grew too tall for the spot. The rudbeckias did well but most of the other plants were small perennials that really needed another growing season to get established. I'll show it's progress more this spring but here are the posts I put together one year ago about the rain garden's construction.

The First Step to Recovery
Digging the Rain Garden
The rain Garden is Almost Done

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