Blooms, Buds, Branches, and Bark

What do winter blooms, buds, bark and branches all have in common?  You will have to look at the end of this post to find out.  See if you can guess!

The Winter Blooms

The henbit in our area is beginning to show signs of blooming.  Masses of little tiny flowers will over take yards creating a purple carpet for spring.

The lone cultivated plant I could find blooming was our Mediterranean White Heath (Erica x darleyensis).

It's tiny white blossoms are just beginning the winter time show.   These little plants will flower well into spring.

Do you recognize this dandy flower?  This little flower brightens up yards and landscapes everywhere.  It's very easy to propagate by seed! I don't think I'll be putting any in my self-sowing garden.

The Buds

The leaf buds of a maple at rest waiting for the signal to grow new leaves. 

The Branches

This tangled mass of branches belongs to a weeping cherry tree.  When the leaves are gone it's interesting to look at the shape and form of trees.

The Bark

Here's the bright white bark of a Himalayan White Birch also known as a Jacquemont Birch (Betula jacquemontii). It grows up to 50 feet tall with a spread of about 35 feet.  It's a relatively fast growing tree and consequently has a fairly short lifespan.  It's also susceptible to borers but its bark is worth chancing their bite. 

So what do all these things have in common?

They are in this post for January's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

*edit: All the plants in this post are at my parent's house except for the Mediterranean White Heath!

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