White Ash (Fraxinus americana)

The answer to today's Name that Seed is the White Ash! The White Ash is a dioecious deciduous shade tree that grows to nearly 80 feet tall. Dioecious means that individual trees (or plants) are either male or female and not both, very similar to hollies. Last week I featured the Persimmon in a Name that Seed post which is another dioecious tree.

The flowers remain somewhat inconspicuous due to their lack of petals. The wind plays an important role in the reproduction process for ash trees. Pollination occurs in the spring via the wind and in the fall the samaras rely on the wind for transport. (Samaras are the winged seeds produced by many plants like ash and maples). The samaras are capable of traveling great distances on the wind to germinate new trees wherever they land.

Fun Facts from the Field Guide:

The two photographs of the trees are in the public domain and a courtesy of:
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