Name that Seed (There's a Prize This Time!)

This week's name that seed might be a challenge.  The seeds are in the exact state that I found them in however they do not look exactly like they would if they were freshly formed on a tree.  Here is your one clue: the tree prefers shade.  All answers should be posted by the morning of Monday December 22, 2008 when I'll reveal the seed.

Click here to find the answer!

The Prize:
The first Name that Seed participant to correctly identify the seed will receive one pair of boots donated by Muck and Stuff.  These Muck Boots look like they would be real handy for gardening chores in wet rainy weather like we have now! In the event of a tie (two responses simultaneously posted) we'll do the high-tech method for determining winners...flip a coin!  Name that Seed is open to anyone reading this post so I'd like to encourage everyone especially if you aren't a regular commenter to participate. 

The Daily Garden - one of three possible prizes.