How Cold Was it This Morning?

How cold was it this morning? The wireless thermometer said 15.5 Degrees Fahrenheit at 8:00 AM. That's pretty cold! The low last night in our little nook on the hillside was somewhere around 3-4 degrees!

But really, how cold is that? Cold enough that the bird's won't receive any enjoyment out of the birdbath in the birdbath garden for a while. Cold enough for icicles to form along the edge of our copper avian jacuzzi. Wait, it would have to be heated to be a jacuzzi wouldn't it? Perhaps Woodstock will come along and go ice skating, or maybe I've just seen one too many Christmas specials.

Whatever the case the advantage to a metallic birdbath is that you don't have to do anything special when it fills with water and you can leave it up year round.  And when you get freezing temperatures you get to take neat pictures of icicles hanging on in bitter cold temperatures! Concrete birdbaths can't hold water during the winter or else they may crack under the stress of the expanding and contracting water turned to ice that collects in the winter rains and snows.  At least for this birdbath garden, copper conquers concrete!

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