Gumdrop the Snowman and Other Snow Fun

Though I have not told her, I have officially named my wife's snowman Gumdrop. You will see why when you look at the picture! The snow was dry and hard to pack. At least it was for a while, later in the day it melted some and snowmen of various shapes and sizes appeared through out the land as if they were heralding the coming of Frosty the Snowman himself on TV last night. So without further adieu here's Gumdrop!

Sledding was the other event of the morning. I pieced together a short slideshow of one sled ride. The Mother and Daughters Ride, enjoy!

Here's one of me and the girls on the slopes. The "sled" was the top of a plastic storage container. Since we don't get regular snow we don't have a "real" sled. It may not be pretty but it was fun!

Check out tomorrow's post for Seed Sundays!