Three Gardening Books I'd Like for Christmas

Before every Christmas season begins I am asked by various family members "What do you you want for Christmas?" Of course sometimes it's phrased more like "Get me your Christmas list by X Date!" Does this happen to you too?  As an avid gardener and blogger I thought it might be fun to think of the books I would like to receive as presents. Please feel free to offer suggestions of books that you find invaluable for your gardening library. Let's take a look at a few books for this gardener!

Each year my fascination with Viburnums grows. I like them for the abundant flowers in the spring, the berries in the fall, and of course for the fall foliage. They are great for birds who love the berries and make excellent landscape shrubs.  There are many varieties of viburnums from American natives to Asian favorites that I'd like to learn more about.

Native plants are a very important of the garden ecosystem. Experts are always saying that gardeners should plant more natives and less exotics but I think many people don't know what the options are. This is one book that I hope will broaden my knowledge about natives and help me to identify any hidden treasures that are growing nearby that I could incorporate into the garden.

I've looked around in our local bookstores for Nancy Ondra's latest book and haven't been able to find it. After seeing her garden and perspective through her blog Hayefield I wanted to learn more about her concepts concerning foliage. Her gardens are full of ideas and interesting plants that are more than just flowers.  Since flowers last only for a limited amount of time, foliage should be an important aspect to any gardener's garden!

There are many more books that I could add to this list but these three are at the top. A gardener is always learning and books are always a great gift for any gardener. The tricky thing is getting them something they don't already have!