One Tennessee Country Road

Within a mile of our home lies a beautiful pastureland divided by an old country road. The pastures are separated in a way that doesn't diminish their beauty but rather enhances the quaint rural scene. This is my preferred route to take to and from our neighborhood when I can. In every season it has something breathtaking to observe. Whether the lush green foliage of the new farm crops coming in, or the fields of hay waving in the gentle winds in the summertime. Of course fall has its own distinct charm.

Much of the road is lined with this simple fence. Beyond the fence and fields maples, oaks, eastern cedar and many other trees fill the hillsides.

The rolling countryside is slightly marred by the powerlines but if you can imagine the trail without them the view is breathtaking.

The rural valley with Eastern cedars and the red roof of a barn.

The fence continues for a long distance. I've never checked to see what the distance would be but I envy the person who owns the land behind that fence.

The fence eventually changes to a more functional one, not quite as attractive, but not without character. Behind this fence farmers roll their hay in preparation for the winter.

I hope you can see why this country road is my favorite place to drive.

After all, it is the country road that takes me home.

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