Garden Blogger Fall Color Project: From East to West

First let me apologize for not getting these posts up sooner.  This weekend has been a fun filled hectic one with carpet cleaning and a surprise leak that required a new kitchen faucet replacement.  The two events were not related unless you count the fact that they took time away from the computer!

Skeeter is at it again at In the Garden!  This time she brought has the fall colors of her state of Georgia on her mind!  Skeeter highlights the fall colors from the Savanah River to her home garden and includes really nice shot of her leaf collection.   The trees with Spanish Moss are a special treat that we don't see this far north except in pictures.  The bridges and waterfalls are breathtaking when mixed with the fall foliage! 

Another East Coast blogger is showing off some fall color!  Heirloom gardener in New Jersey has several posts with some very nice color displays.  The golden autumn leaves of the hickory trees, the Japanese katsura tree and the fall blooms and colors of an autumn cherry are all there to delight all fellow leaf peepers!  Go visit the Heirloom gardener and her fall colors!

Now let's head west to California where gold can be found among the poplars along with many other garden treasures!  There are seed heads, cornflowers, fushia, gooseberries and redwoods to see.  Stop over and see what fall displays are Out of Doors

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