Frosty Mornings Ahead

The gardens are closing down for the winter and fall color is nearly peaking. Frosty mornings are here again. I'll miss the warm temperatures, the yummy tomatoes, and the fresh air that comes with working in the garden. Every season has it's own interesting things to enjoy and the fall-winter seasons are no exception.

The first heavy frost hit us this week sending the tomato vines, zinnias and several other cold fearing plants to the great garden in the sky.  It did leave us with some nice images.  Like the frozen birdbath.

Or the frosted plants being warmed by the sun.  The dogwood is glowing an amazing red color and is still retaining its leaves despite the deer damage.  That gives me some hope for its long term survival.

The frost certainly makes the leaves of our newest viburnum (Viburnum burkwoodii) appear soft and feathery. 

The same can be said for the dogwood leaves.  Unfortunately I didn't focus the camera correctly and it blurred a bit.

The lawn stands out with its silvery color frosting like a whole landscape of artemisia.  You can just imagine walking through the grass on a frosty morning and hearing a crunch with every footstep.

The slope was covered in the crystalline frost as well.  In the background you can see the colors beginning their transition.  It won't be long until I can do my post for the Garden Blogger Fall Color Project.

Here in the birdbath garden the mums and salvias are heavy with the frost.

I think the plants are ready for a break.  They've done a nice job this year and deserve a rest.

There will be many more frosty mornings ahead!