Fall Foliage, as Nature Intended

Fall color can be enjoyed in many ways. From a distance where you see swaths of golds, reds, and oranges mixed together with evergreen foliage. Through the observation of individual leaves with their unique textures, colors, and shapes. One way I like to look at fall foliage is to see what they all look like together, merged as Mother Nature intended.

In the foreground of this picture a maple is framing the foliage of the flame colored sassafras trees.

A closer look at the foliage.

When I take pictures I really like experimenting with the positioning of the sun behind plants. Here in this maple the sun is beginning its decent for the day and seems to highlight the maple that is beginning its fall transformation.

Pale yellow and gold stand out in the large wooded area behind our home. Tall trees like walnut, hackberry, and tulip poplar dominate the scene.

The sunlight seems to enjoy playing across the golden leaves.

Soon the rains will take away the leaves and the falling of the foliage will have ended.

All of the photographs in this post are of trees that have grown up naturally with little to no human interference.

Disclaimer: No leaves were harmed in the making of this post!

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