Even the Kitchen Sink

Through the generosity of other gardeners and the creative use of old materials you can do a lot! Last week a friend of my parents was cleaning out their basement and found some things that they passed along to me. One of the items was a kitchen sink. It's really more of a bar sink with a slightly bent faucet. It even has a sticker on it from a past garage sale ($8, it's worth all that and more). All the attached plumbing is still there and appears to be completely functional. You might be asking yourself "Why is he talking about a kitchen sink on a garden blog?" Here's the answer, the sink will eventually be added to my potting bench! I'll attach the sink to the bench then run a hose from the house to the water faucet. The drain pipe will empty into a plastic box underneath the bench to hold the water until it could be reused for watering plants.

Apparently I'm not the only one who is happy about my new sink. Mr. Mantis there seems to be looking for a good place to overwinter. Of course it could be Mrs. Mantis looking for the ideal place for her egg sack.

Her children will always be welcome in my garden!

Smile for the camera Mrs. Mantis!

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