Birdwatching: Goldfinches at the Feeder

Lately the birds have been returning to the feeders. These goldfinches (Carduelis tristis) all dressed in their winter coats after molting are partaking of a feast of niger seed, which is excellent for attracting finches.  Like all birds they seem to prefer the seed d'jour. Afterall who doesn't like the fresh stuff?  Thistle, coreopsis, sunflower, service berry, birch, and alder are all good choices among many possible food sources to attract goldfinches.  They mate in monogamous pairs and live in a flock of about 8 at least in our backyard.  According to Cornell the females will sometimes leave their mate to find another and start a new brood leaving the father to take care of the offspring.  Way to go goldfinch dad!  Does taking responsibilty for the flock make him a Stay at Home Dad too?

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