What's Blooming in October?

It's already time for another look at what's blooming in my garden for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. It's mid-October and the trees are just beginning to turn but there are still plenty of blooms to see. And if you're interested in showing off your fall foliage colors then please participate in the Garden Blogger Fall Color Project!

Here's what blooming in our Tennessee garden:

The Pink Cosmos is doing very well right now next to the vegetable garden. I planted a couple seeds in the early summer and now the blooms are showing up in the fall.

In the front sidewalk garden we have mums, a butterfly bush, Russian sage, Gaillardia, daylilies, and a Black and Blue salvia blooming.

Here's the Black and Blue Salvia. It's easy to see where it found it's name.

The Russian sage has been blooming all summer. I'm not sure anything else in our garden has been as prolific. That's just another great reason to plant it. Just make sure your garden has full sun!

The 'Mystic Spires' Salvia is just beginning to go to seed. It was a hummingbird favorite this year that I picked up on the discount rack. It looks like Mr. Bee is still enjoying it.

Here's a 'Stella d'Oro' Daylily that decided it wasn't done yet!

Speaking of hummingbird favorites the zinnias are still blooming. Unfortunately they are starting to get the dreaded powdery mildew. It doesn't bother me too much since we are so close to the end of the 2008 growing season. Time to collect seeds and plan for next year.

This achillea (yarrow) in the rain garden was taken from a cutting near the mailbox garden. Achillea are fairly easy to root.

I still have some sunflowers growing. This one is tucked into the birdbath garden. I planted the seed in the summer to have some blooms this fall and provide the birds with a little more food to eat.

And now you get to see something I've been waiting for, the Monarch butterfly! I was afraid we wouldn't get to see any this year but just recently a few stopped by for a visit on the asclepias.

I think our garden may be along a migratory route. I hope they find plenty of nourishment for the trip.

Thanks for stopping by to see the blooms!

Thank you Carol for hosting GBBD!

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