Vegetable of the Month: Pumpkins of course!

I officially nominate the pumpkin for vegetable of the month! Do I hear a second?

I realize that the selection of a pumpkin may be predictable but it's such a seasonally appropriate vegetable for October. After all could you have even think of fall harvests and Halloween without pumpkins? Whether they are turned into pies or Jack-o-lanterns these orange globes of October have become representatives of the fall season. Of course they aren't just in orange, some are even white!

They also come in a variety of sizes from small decorative ones to giant world record hopefuls! We've grown some more modest one's here in our garden but we're proud of all of our veggies. Perhaps next year we'll try for the big one.

One neat thing to do with pumpkins is to carve them. But I'm sure you already knew that! We haven't picked up our carving pumpkin yet but take a look at this one we saw on our visit to the Nashville Zoo.

For now these three orbs of orangeness that were grown in our own garden will grace our front steps as decoration for the fall. Very soon we'll go out looking for our Great Pumpkin!

After all what would Halloween be without it?

(Image from Wikipedia. Illustrated of course by the great Charles M. Shulz!)

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