A Stepping Stone Pathway (Backyard Remodel Part 2)

With every project comes some challenges. The biggest challenge for our backyard remodel and patio project was what to do with the septic line area since one of the most important things to remember with any major project is to avoid the utilities as best as you can. Unfortunately in our case the builder of our home did not put the porch and septic line in the best possible location for our plans. The steps from the porch led directly over the septic clean out pipe. I mentioned a few days ago about the step/landing I built to bridge that space but we also needed to deal with the area over the line itself. We had a two-fold problem: 1) No hard or permanent surface should ever cover the septic line in case it needed to be accessed and 2) I didn't want to mow into an odd shaped and small area.

The solution was simple and makes sense (aren't those are the best solutions!): Cover the area with an easy to remove mulch and use stepping stones to make a convenient walking pathway.

The step is 100% removable and so are the stones. If we ever needed to get access to the line all we would need to do is move the step, move the stones, move the mulch and landscape fabric, then dig to get to the line. Ten to fifteen minutes of work would be all that's needed to accomplish the moving.

Patios and Pigtails

The stones themselves are not extremely heavy. The total weight for all six stones was 180 pounds with the largest one weighing in at 49 pounds. That would be the one that my daughter is standing on in the picture above. They were on a pick pile at our local landscape supply place for $.20 a pound. I tried to find the stepping stones that matched the cobblestone patio the best and still maintained a natural look.

Taking it in Stride

The stones were inspected after the initial placement and determined to have been placed at too long of a stride. Adjustments were made and then a secondary inspection was conducted which was subsequently passed. The stride is perfect for those who are 5'2" tall but a little short for those of us who are 5'9". Compromise, just another step to having a happy home!

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