One Year in the Virtual Garden

On October 28, 2007 I wrote my first post. In the beginning it was like a newborn colt staggering up for the first time. Small posts eventually got larger and more in depth as the blog developed. I was never one who enjoyed writing in High School or College but strangely I started a blog anyway and have come to really enjoy the compositional aspects of writing as well as the interaction with other people across the world. It's really amazing when you think about it, people have visited and left comments from all sorts of places. All continents except Antarctica have put in their 2 cents worth or at least visited this little corner of the gardening world.

Why do people enjoy blogging so much? I believe it's the chance to express themselves with like minded individuals. I know that, at least in my case, my family has some interest in my gardening obsession, but their interest doesn't quite match my intensity. Garden blogging is a way to get more of that "gardening fix", and trust me, it's very addictive!  You learn about new plants you may never have seen before or tricks and ideas that might work in your garden.  It's like a constantly evolving gardening encyclopedia.  There is always a new garden to discover, or at least a new aspect of a familiar garden.  From the macro pictures of a single flower to the broadly sweeping landscape photography there is always something new, something fun, and something fantastic.

What will the second year of this blog bring?  Hopefully you'll get to see my garden as it matures.  As I've mentioned before it was a completely blank slate except for the initial builder's landscaping.  The Japanese hollies were destroyed by the Great Freeze and Thaw of 2007 and most of the plants in the landscape were added by us since then.  I'll continue talking about plant propagation as I experiment with new and different plants.  Hopefully I won't blow up any more mowers but I'll share all the significant experiences of our gardening adventures!  The sky is the limit, or maybe the soil is the limit.  Whatever the case things will keep chugging merrily along in our little garden.

I would like to thank everyone who has read this blog and continues to come back for more!  It's very gratifying to see the comments and suggestions that people leave everyday.  That's really what keeps a garden blogger coming back to write more, the visitors with thoughtful and insightful comments.  After all have you ever met a gardener who didn't like to talk about plants?  Not me, I guess that's why I'm here!

Thanks again to everyone for a fun and exciting first year!

The Home Garden