In the Garden After the Rains

The rains finally came! I know gardeners everywhere in Tennessee were excited to get this latest blast of precipitation. The front moved through yesterday in the late morning and continued to sprinkle intermittent showers upon us but it wasn't until the nighttime hours that the real rains washed away the dust of August and September. The rain gauge picked up 3.5 inches of rain between yesterday and this morning which is probably more than we had in the past two months together. It was desperately needed!

The showers revealed a new world in the garden. The newly refreshed plants are beginning to revive and bring forth their last bit of growth before the Autumn temperatures truly begin to fall. The rain left it's sign on the foliage of the purple leaf plums: tiny little water droplets resting on the purple leaves.

The mid season sunflower seed I planted in the birdbath garden has grown and now shines like tiny suns imploring the cloudy skies to reveal the clear blue Autumn skies above.

The newly constructed patio gains a look of maturity with the damp stones resting against the landscape timber edge in the entryway.

Many of the garden plants are now bowing in respect to the rains. In my mind they are saying "Thank you rain, please don't be a stranger!" Of course it's all in my head...the plants really don't talk...

The soft petals of the Gaillardia are gently waving farewell to the showers.

While the asters are lying nearly prostrate in the front garden, obviously they were impressed by the gentle force of the showering precipitation.

The Russian sage can also be seen bowing in the garden. A wise sage will tell you to respect the forces of nature.

The bees are back to buzzing around the salvias thankful that the rains are past. I'm glad also, but I'm much happier that they came by!

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